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|Download E-pub ⚠ The Awakening and the Struggle ï This Book Has Alternate Cover Editions For This ISBN ACEACE A DEADLY LOVE TRIANGLEElena The Golden Girl, The Leader, The One Who Can Have Any Boy She WantsStefan Brooding And Myterious, He Seems To Be The Only One Who Can Resist Elena, Even As He Struggles To Protect Her From The Horrors That Haunt His PastDamon Sexy, Dangerous, And Driven By An Urge For Revenge Against Stefan, The Brother Who Betrayed Him Determined To Have Elena, He D Kill To Possess HerCollected Here In One Volume For The First Time, Volumes One And Two Of The Vampire Diaries, The Tale Of Two Vampire Brothers And The Beautiful Girl Torn Between Them A pre Harry Potter young adult series that was a guilty pleasure for me at age 26 to be reading in public But I couldn t put it down L.J Smiths characters were a little flat, yes Her settings felt 2 dimensional to me and I often couldn t get a grasp of what exactly the characters were really like as people, sure But that doesn t mean the story wasn t spot on Once I ignored the flaws in Smiths construction of her Sunnydale esq town with it s Vampire drama lurking in the shadows of a popularity battle between 2 high school girls, I became addicted I literally couldn t put the book down I just couldn t wait to see what was going to happen next.Vampire Diaries reads like a CW teen drama In a good way Which made me wonder why this hasn t already been adapted to film or TV yet.Forget that other, hallow, vapid vampire series This is the Girl meets Vampire story to read Same plot only L.J Smith does it better 2 stars Vampire Romance Young AdultAlthough the Vampire Diaries precedes Meyer s Twilight Saga, it s impossible not to compare the two series, and I have to say that I much prefer Twilight This felt a little bit too much like a vamped out version of Mean Girls , and I didn t really get into the story or care about any of the characters at all They re all so selfish, juvenile, and petty, and okay, I get that it s a young adult series, but it felt really immature and teen angsty to me, waaay so than Twilight Bella at least is an identifiable, lovable heroine with insecurities, awkwardness, and compassion, but Elena in Vampire Diaries is the rich, spoiled, perfect, popular, blonde, reigning queen of the school, who only seems to want aloof, brooding, mysterious, new guy in school Stefan just to prove that she can have whoever and whatever she wants And there wasn t enough any relationship building between Elena and Stefan to make me really give a hoot about them so when dark, dangerous Damon comes to wreak total havoc, I was just glad that it finally spiced things up a bit, cause I was honestly rather bored with the story.There s just way too much attention placed on fashion speak, dear diary reflecting, popular girl rivaling and sniping, and exhaustive gossiping for my taste It ends with a big love triangle, Elena s fate hangs in the balance, cliffhanger, so I m curious to find out what happens, but not necessarily enough to continue reading the series I will however check out the Vampire Diaries TV series on the CW, which seems like a perfect home for the teenie vampire drama.

Since these books are going to be a T.V show in Sept, I thought I d buy the booksSome people have read it and compared it to Twilight, but I have to say that these books are NOTHING like Twilight except for the part where she s human and the brothers aren t But that s about it.So I ve read the first one The Awakening and The Struggle and I have to say that I was kind of disappointed.Elena is an uptight snobby girl who gets what ever she wants and when she doesn t she pouts like a 2 year old out to get revenge and sneak in her mothers pantry to steal chocolate Her character does improve through out the book, but she was very hard to relate to while reading.Stefan spends half the book ignoring her yes, for a good reason, but still then when he does finally talk to herBANG They are together and in love I like Damon, at least he s consistent as the bad guy in the book His character is very sexy and very mysterious.I just felt like the books did not show just cause as to WHY these two love each other Not to compare this to Twilight, but at least with those books, it showed the progression stage of Edward and Bella s relationship.Elena and Stefan have nothing then a ghost of a memory and some heated attraction for one another There was nothing to lead them up to there romance Elena thought of him as a challenge and for Stefan, Elena just reminded him of a girl he use to loveDamon is the only character that comes into play that I can understand He was the one who lurked from afar and didn t try to disguise his obsession with love His was purely lust I think this is the first time I have ever rooted for the bad guy to get the girl I want Elena to be with Damon, Stefan just isn t doing it for me I guess.I don t hate the books, but I don t love them either.The only reason I m giving this two stars is for plot and writing style.I just wish the time was taken for us to feel why they were in love and not just have it there.It s sad to say that I think the T.V Series will be better then the books. Elena is the most popular girl in school, her boyfriend Matt a classic all American sporty, nice boy Then she sees the new boy, Stefan, dark, sensual, and totally oblivious to her She determines to have him, and promptly gets rid of Matt There are a few complications, though one, Stefan is a vampire from the Italian renaissance period two, she looks a lot like Katherine, the girl he was in love with who made him a vampire before killing herself, thinking he and his brother Damon, whom she also converted, would then stop fighting over her and three, Damon is also in the city, and he has his sights set on Elena.These teen vampire books have been out for than a decade, but have only recently been merged into two single volumes, rather than the original four.It s a familiar enough story, a little similar to Stephenie Meyer s Twilight books but not note that it was published in 1991, than 10 years before Twilight still, comparisons crop up, though if anything, this could have been inspiration for Meyer This is a much darker story than the Twilight books people actually die in The Vampire Diaries, and Damon is a truly malevolent character There are the usual elements of normal teenager life home troubles, back stabbing friends, parties and lusty teenage boys who drink too much The writing style is succinct and to the point, but the details necessary for a dark atmosphere strumming with tension are all there I would recommend this double volume, for the first book, The Awakening, ends on a bit of a cliff hanger, while the end of The Struggle is not quite so bad though very exciting I can wait to read the second volume I certainly want to find out how it is resolved, since what happens to Elena at the end is a bit frightening, and I was surprised at my sympathy for Stefan, whose pain is very real.